About Us

We are a 1st generation American born Greek family owned business. Realizing that Greek Olive oil isn’t readily available anywhere like her Italian sister’s we knew it was time. Introducing this Unique, Light, First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Kalamata,Acidity 0.0%-0.04%) One of the Best Olive Oils out there. But why stop there, so we decided to kick it up a notch and infuse it.

So we have infused with traditional Greek and Italian flavors and went a step further. Living in South Florida and all the diversity in Cultures here, it influenced us to create blasts of Latin, Caribbean, and Asian Cuisine flavors that will satisfy any palate

In addition, we can also create that specialized oil just for you upon consulting with our Chief Creative Officer. He is a talented chef, who started his 25 year career in the US Navy. We hope you enjoy creating your own special dishes with our oil as much as we enjoy creating this unique line of infused oils